ICYMI: WSO2 Identity Server March community call notes

We hosted our March community call last Thursday — the 10th community call hosted by the Identity Server team..! There we talked about a lot of interesting stuff about the WSO2 Identity Server product and here is a summary of what was covered in case you missed it 🙂.

Nuwanga — a former intern of the WSO2 Identity Server team talked about gRPC integration for Identity Server event handlers. The gRPC based event handlers allow users to implement platform independent event handlers with the WSO2 Identity Server. After a brief introduction to gRPC event handlers and a quick walk through the implementation details, he demonstrated how gRPC event handlers work with samples. If you want to know more, here are two detailed articles written by Nuwanga on this topic.

In the second part of the call, Ashen — a member of the Identity Server engineering team talked about extending the IdP sessions at WSO2 Identity Server when the third party cookies are blocked by the browser. With the popular browsers blocking the use of third party cookies lately, WSO2 Identity Server has introduced a new session extending endpoint to extend user sessions using a session identifier, or even the cookie, to give the users the same convenient user experience as before. Read this interesting article — ‘Extending IdP Sessions at WSO2 Identity Server with Blocked Third Party Cookies’ written by Ashen if you want to know more about blocked third-party cookies and session extending.

If you found these sessions interesting, below is a link to out March community call 😃.

Interested in joining our next community call? We will be having our next community call on 22nd of April at 9.30 AM PST. As a participant, you will get the chance to ask our team and other community members any questions you have about our product or your solution. We share the event details via our Slack channel. Or else you can subscribe to get notified when we schedule the next call from here.

Looking forward to see you at our next community call..!! 👋🏽

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